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Hackers and Hacking

Brief definition of hackers
A hacker is someone who gains unauthorized access to a computer system. Many hackers just like the challenge of breaking through a computer security system but not all hackers are harmless. It must also be said that not all hackers are bad. Government and huge companies use hackers to maintain their security systems. People normally confuse hackers with crackers. While hackers crack the code of passwords to hack into a security system, crackers crack the code of software to bypass its security mechanisms like copyright protection etc. Hacking and cracking are two different methods, but hackers normally possess cracking skills and crackers, hackings skills. Also note that not all hackers are humans. You also get computerized hackers, but they are developed by humans of course.

How can hackers break into my computer system and how do I keep them out?
Hackers gain access to your computer through unguarded ports in your network system. You will need a firewall or anti-hacker software to stop them in their tracks. To prevent hackers from breaching your computer system, use the Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Software listed on our Cyber Security Software page.