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The SHPAMEE Project

Forward spam, hoaxes, scams and suspicious e-mails to

SHPAMEE (pronounced as SH'PAMMY) is short for Spam, Hoaxes, Phishing, Advance fee fraud and Malware E-mail Examples. The SHPAMEE project is aimed at educating Internet users about the common characteristics of illegal, unsolicited and dangerous e-mails and common techniques used by cyber criminals to get past our e-mail security and filtering systems. The project also focuses on the latest spam trends and showcases interesting and unique spam examples. E-mails are not the only focus of this project, we also discuss the dangers of the websites promoted through spam and the methods used by spammers to track, monitor and analyse the behaviour of their spam victims. In addition to their methods we also focus on specific cyber criminals through our Cyber Criminal Profile Database.

But there is also a lighter side to this project. Spammers often do very stupid things and people overlook these errors quite easily. By exposing these flaws in a humorous way we hope to raise awareness about the weaknesses of spammers, making it easier for the normal man on street to spot and avoid their deceptive tricks.

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