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Cyber Top Cops Tips & Tricks

Free Tips and Tricks to stay ahead from cyber criminals

IMPORTANT NOTICE, 21 January 2013: This section of the website hasn't been updated in quite some time and a lot of the tips and tricks listed here are outdated. Coenraad de Beer started a new website, dedicated to free computer related tips and tricks. Please visit for more information. Although this section will no longer be maintained, it is still available for future reference.

Free Internet Security

Safer E-mail Reading Without The Preview Pane

Read An E-mail Without Opening It

Ensure Your Personal Details Are Safe

Optimal Settings for Thunderbird Junk Mail Controls

Training the Thunderbird Junk Mail Filter

The Mozilla Firefox Installation and Setup Guide

The Mozilla Thunderbird Installation and Setup Guide

Allowing Blocked Popup Windows In Mozilla Firefox

Removing System Restrictions Caused By Malware

Using the QuickScan Functions of Anti-Malware Applications

Firewall Configuration Tips

Securing Your Web Browser

Reporting Phishing Scams/Web Forgery with Firefox

How to transform your PC into a spam reporting machine

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