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Malware definition, prevention and removal tools

Brief definition of malware
Malware, which is shorthand for malicious software, is a collective term for various types of malicious programs designed to infiltrate, damage or steal information stored on a computer. A virus is the most common form of malware, but it also comes in the form of spyware, adware, worms, trojans, etc. As time went by and viruses evolved into more advanced forms of digital weapons and tools for cyber criminals, it became redundant to refer to different types of malware as separate forms of malicious threats, that needed different tools for prevention and removal. So a need arose for an all-in-one removal tool, i.e. anti-malware software. Most security software vendors still refer to their software as "anti-virus" software, even though they can prevent and remove all kinds of malicious infections. The term anti-virus got stuck over the years and virtually became synonymous with malware.

Here at Cyber Top Cops, we are serious about the battle against malware, but most importantly, preventing malware infections rather than treating them. The following resources have been developed to assist the online community in the fight against malware: