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Spyware definition, prevention and removal tools

If you know what spyware is and you are only interested in getting the software to remove them, click here.

Brief definition of Spyware
Spyware is software that monitors activity on your computer, like keyboard and mouse activity. Spyware can record passwords, credit card numbers, e-mail addresses and other personal information entered into the computer via the keyboard. The spyware either creates a backdoor that allows the creator of the software to hack into your system to retrieve the recorded information, or it mails the information back to the creator of the software. Spyware is sometimes the carrier of viruses or opens a backdoor for virus attacks. People should be very careful when they are using public computers, because of the threat spyware poses. Spyware is also used by employers to monitor the activities of employees on company computers. There is much debate on when the use of spyware is legal and when not. We believe when computer programs record personal information without the user's permission, it's illegal. Many people regard adware and spyware as two different types of software. Adware is in fact only a "good" name for spyware and there is no substantial difference between the two. Click here for more information on adware.

How do I get infected with spyware?
The most common place for infection is the Internet, but like we said in the last paragraph, someone else can deliberately install it.

How do I get rid of spyware?
To remove spyware from your system you'll need anti-spyware software. The most anti-spyware software removes adware as well. Anti-spyware software works much like Anti-virus software and some of them also includes a resident shield. They also have definition files, which need to be kept up to date, to ensure you are protected against the latest threats. One of the biggest differences between anti-spyware and anti-virus software is the fact that you can have multiple anti-spyware programs installed on your system. We do not recommend it, but you can also run multiple resident shields of different anti-spyware programs simultaneously. There are many free anti-spyware tools available today, but do not trust every anti-spyware tool you run across, there are hundreds of rogue anti-spyware products in circulation these days. If you are looking for effective and trustworthy anti-spyware tools refer to the Anti-spyware Software section of our Cyber Security Software page.