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Spam definition, victims, prevention and removal tools

If you know what spam is, and you are merely looking for software to stop them in their tracks, click here.

Brief definition of spam
Spam is unwanted, unsolicited e-mail sent out in bulk and is mainly used by unethical marketers to promote their products. Not all spam has marketing in mind. Some spam e-mails can be chain letters, jokes or scams sent out in bulk. Most of the spam we deal today are about cheap software, jewellery, medical supplies, money making schemes and pornography. Most of these e-mails consist of a single, attractive image banner embedded into the message, enticing the user to click on it. Some of the links in these e-mails, will take you to a server where you may get infected with viruses, spyware, adware, or become victim of a hacking attempt.

Why am I a victim of spam e-mails?
There are a couple of ways to become a spam victim. Here are some of the most common reasons:

How do I prevent spam?
There are a few ways to prevent your e-mail address from leaking out:

Forward spam, hoaxes, scams and suspicious e-mails to

How do I get rid of spam?
The sad thing about spam is that you can't stop them at the root of the problem. Once our e-mail address has leaked out you are at the mercy of spammers. You will need spam filters to filter spam e-mails to a separate folder and delete them from there. Anti-spam technology is far from perfect and they sometimes filter out legitimate e-mails as spam, that's why we recommend you filter messages to a separate folder and delete them from there if you are satisfied that no innocent e-mails were filtered as spam. It's better to apply a spam filter to your e-mail client than not have any at all. For anti-spam software refer to the Anti-Spam Software and Spam Filters section of our Cyber Security Software page.

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