APEX ACH Phishing Scams

Date: 11 September 2007
Received from "adminservice@cunetwork.org" <adminservice@cunetwork.org>
Subject: Apex ACH software upgrade


Dear Apex ACH System Customers,

  In accordance with introduction of the new security level in our system, it is urgently requested to follow this link https://paylink.cunets.org
Please, follow instructions to help Apex ACH while testing security of the new software.

If you are not CUnet Apex ACH System Customer please disregard this letter.

CUnet Apex ACH System Customer Service

Honestly, do you really think companies will send e-mails like this to people who are not even clients of them? Would APEX-ACH have any reason to send e-mails about the testing of their new software to non-clients? The obvious answer to both of these questions is NO! Why waste valuable resources on recipients who will have no interest whatsoever in "the new security level in you system"? What did the scammers hope to achieve with an e-mail like this?