North Fork Bank (NFB) Phishing Scams

Date: 29 August 2007
Received from "*Upgrades Team" <>
Subject: Urgently! North Fork Bank customers pay attention

Good afternoon dear clients,
We are sorry to inform you that the number of cases of fraudulent use of our bank accounts has recently increased. That is why our bank changes the security system, which will provide our clients with maximum security of their accounts from the frauds. During this week we will e-mail you a special program, as well as the detailed instruction how to use it. With its help you will have an opportunity to make payments. No one will be able to transfer money from your account without this program. If you lose the program, you will have to pay $4,99 and we will send you the copy of it. To confirm the regist
ration for this anti-fraud program visit this web-site and fill in the necessary forms:

Yours sincerely, Bank Administration

"Urgently! North Fork Bank customers pay attention". No professional organisation will speak to their customers in a tone like this, not even in subject lines of e-mails. Its like saying to someone "Hey you, listen up, I've got something important to say!".

Using anti-fraud software as the bait for committing fraud. They e-mail you a copy for free and when you loose it, you have to pay to receive another COPY. Kind folks these scammers, aren't they? We assume the scammers do not know how to use line breaks so they added one in the middle of the word "registration". Perhaps their fake software is just as broken as this fake e-mail.