North Island Credit Union Phishing Scams

Date: 35 August 2007 (The scammers decided on a non-existent day)
Received from "North Island Credit Union" <>
Reply-To: [DELETED]
Subject: Please update your information on files

Dear Customer,

This is your official notification that the service(s) listed below will be deactivated and deleted if not renewed immediately. Previous Notifications have been sent to the Billing Contact assigned to this account.

As the Primary Contact, you must renew the service(s) listed below.

SERVICE : North Island Credit Union Online Banking and services.
EXPIRATION : September 1st 2007

What you need to do:

It`s easy to renew your Online Banking Services :

- Go to MYISLAND Sign On
- Update your North Island Credit Union information immediately.

Thank you.
North Island Credit Union.

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Apart from the fact that financial institutions never send "update your information" e-mails to their clients, there is one obvious problem with this e-mail. Why would North Island Credit Union send an e-mail from their own domain and refer replies to an e-mail account hosted on a domain called Fact is, they will never do something as stupid as this, so you can immediately tell that this e-mail is fraudulent and was definitely not sent by North Island Credit Union. Not even the date is valid, so who will ever take this e-mail seriously?