E-mail Forgery Warning by Cyber Top Cops

29 August 2011

Phishing scammers have lately been hotlinking to several images used in our spam, hoaxes and scam examples. This means that the images displayed in certain scam e-mails circulating the web (especially PayPal phishing scams), were images hosted by Cyber Top Cops. Cyber Top Cops acted promptly to stop this abuse and isolated the potential threat to Internet users, by displaying a standard warning message when images from your spam, hoaxes and scam examples are hotlinked in any way.

If you see the following warning message in an e-mail or on a website other than www.cybertopcops.com, chances are good that you are dealing with a scam and you are therefore advised not to click on any links in the e-mail or on the web page you are viewing at that point in time. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact us at any time.

Warning: Possible E-Mail Forgery!!! Do not click on any links in this e-mail. Visit www.cybertopcops.com for more information

Thanks to our hosts, Host4Africa.com, for bringing this under our attention.

Coenraad de Beer (Webmaster & Founder of Cyber Top Cops)