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Amazon Phishing Scams

Browse the Web with Firefox for protection against spyware, hackers, spoofing and phishing scams

PLEASE NOTE: Amazon is NOT responsible for these e-mail scams. Organisations and individuals pretending to be Amazon initiate them., Amazon, and all related logos are either trademarks or registered trademarks of Amazon, Inc., or its licensors.

Amazon phishing scams have the same purpose and characteristics as PayPal phishing scams. Visit Amazon's Phishing and Spoofed E-Mails Information Page to learn more about these e-mails and how to identify them.

Below are links to copies of typical Amazon phishing scam e-mails. Note that the original formatting of the e-mails was preserved and this is more or less how they look when you open them. We have disabled the links in the e-mails because they point to dangerous locations that may result in identity theft, financial loss or they might infect your computer with viruses or spyware.

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