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The Cyber Top Cops Online Threat Simulations

We have compiled a series of simulations to explain the threats on the Internet in a practical way. Each simulation will demonstrate how easy it is to fall victim to online threats like viruses, spyware and phishing scams. After each simulation we will provide advice on how to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of these threats.


You agree to execute these simulations on at your own risk and you will not hold Cyber Top Cops liable for any damages or losses incurred during or after the execution of these simulations. Please click on the "I Agree" button below to start the simulations.

PLEASE NOTE: Your browser have to accept cookies before you can use this feature of our site. Please ensure that your browser accepts cookies before running these simulations. The cookies are only used to track your progress through the simulation process and are not used to store any personal information. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.